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JSA for Corporates

Tailor the application for your own company.

The JSA – App is available for company wide use. Tailor the app with your branding your hazards your controls and your risk matrix.

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Cutting edge technology

The TST application gathers the power of mobile devices to make the job of completing JSA/JHA's quicker easier and more effective.

Makes JSA/JHAs easy.

The application helps your team to more easily find and control the things that can hurt them their environment and their equipment. An easy to use checklist approach simplifies the process.

Take Photos & Videos of Risks

Your team can take photos and videos of the hazards they encounter before and after they are controlled.

GPS Tagging

Using Google Maps and GPS technology, your team can quickly and easily tag your current site address. providing evidence of where and when the JSA/JHA was completed.

Edit existing JSA/JHAs

Existing JSA/JHAs can be edited and updated saving time whilst ensuring any new risks are identified.

Simple and Easy

Simple menus enable you to export your completed Job Safety Analysis Template as a PDF for email and printing.

Team member digital sign off

Choose your team members from a drop down menu and ask them to individually sign off on their understanding of the JSA/JHA

Tailor for your business

Tailor the application fo use in your company. Your own logos, menus and company built JSA's are all included in our corporate product.

Screen Shots from the JSA App